Thanks for the contribution of RT Dutch regarding the - שאלות ותשובות - עו''ד יפית יוחפז
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Thanks for the contribution of RT Dutch regarding the out of home placement of Yvonne her children because of their love for #Israël??
  I stand with #Yvonne ?? & kids ??????  I stand with #Israel??
RT Benelux - Report. Spoed uithuisplaatsing bi moeder die een andere denkwijze heeft.
 Dit lijkt een grapje tot dat we er achter kwamen dat dit veel vaker voorkomt in Nederland. En de Nederlandse pers zwijgt. Dit kun je verdachten in een land zo als China. Maar in Nederland je kinderen verliezen.
RT Benelux - Report. Urgent home placement bi mom who has a different mindset.
 This seems like a joke until we found out that this is much more common in the Netherlands. And the Dutch press is silent. You can suspect this in a country like China. But losing your children in the Netherlands.
 This happened to Yvonne. Now the judge will take a decision during the session if mother's thought course is a good reason to remove her 3 children from home. Normally an emergency removal placement is done at immediate major physical or mental danger. So nowadays also for thinking differently.
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